Regardless of whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle, your transmission plays a key role in performance. When your transmission fails, your car will stop working properly and the cost of getting it repaired can be high. Fortunately, if you catch the problem quickly, the repairs are often cheaper and more simple. Some signs that you might be having transmission problems include:

Rough Shifting

If your car stops changing gears smoothly, it is time to have it examined. This rough shifting can be a warning sign that your transmission is having problems. In some cases, clunking sounds can be heard when trying to shift gears. The other sign that there may be a problem is if your car is struggling to get up proper speed.

Transmission Slipping

Transmission slipping is when you are driving and the car changes gears for no apparent reason. This can be accompanied by whining sounds and your car can seem like it isn’t putting out as much acceleration as it should.

Slow Engagement

Slow engagement is where you can take longer than it should to switch into drive and move forward. This often occurs when moving from park to drive.

Fluid Leaking

Your transmission system is a sealed unit. This means that it should never be leaking fluid. If you are noticing a leak spot underneath your car, you should bring it in for service. If you need transmission repair, contact the car repair experts at Transmission King today.