As your car ages, the transmission begins to reveal more of the wear-and-tear it has endured over the years. Signs that your transmission needs attention include hesitancy in shifting between gears, hard shifting, and fluid leaks. If your automobile has reached the stage where any of these indicators are occurring, your transmission is crying out for help!

However, there are simple things you can do to help extend the life of your transmission, particularly toward the end of the service life of your transmission. Since your vehicle has been so good to you over the years, be sure to make the last years easy for your transmission and yourself.

Servicing and extending the life of your transmission is as simple as checking:

  • Fluid-Are there fluid leaks? Transmission fluid is red.
  • Level-Is the fluid at the proper level?
  • Filter-Change the transmission fluid and filter every 20-25,000 miles for older vehicles.
  • Seals- Assess the condition of your transmission’s seals and O-rings for leaks or wear.

Call Transmission King for these transmission services along with a free performance check on your vehicle!